About Us


This website domain originated from a feeling and sense one has while at the beach, our love of history and the words that unite to form a story, and hence, a book. 

A trip to the beach and a venture to the salty ocean waves is a good way to utilize all of your senses; 

Sight; the beauty of it all

Hearing; the sound of the waves crashing as the seagulls flying overhead, laugh joyfully

Smell; the salt and coconut tanning lotion fill the air

Taste; the saltiness of the water during a cool swim or the relief of a cold drink on a hot summer day

Touch; the grittiness and warmth of the sand as you briskly walk barefooted along the beach 

Our passion drives us to the ocean waves and sandy beaches to live out our remaining days

Seaside Title Wave Books is the culmination of this adventure while providing a space to discover the history we are all looking for.